It happened at the Mall

Date: 23 Aug 2017 - Sezione: altro/

While I was consulting the menu, a giant panda wearing goggles (he was about eight feet tall) came to my table and asked very politely, albeit with a slightly metallic voice:”May I join you?”. I had gone to the Mall to buy some electronic gadgets and DVD’s of classical movies. Then I went to one Mexican deli restaurant. It was about two PM, and there were not many customers around. I was sitting at an empty table. “Of course, I answered to the panda. Are you a living creature or a machine?”. “I am Super-Panda, a robot working for the Company (did you notice my goggles?), in the screening department, and I wanted to talk to you”. “How did you know that I was here?” “You just wrote it, you came to the Mall to buy some electronic gadgets etc. But listen, why don’t you look at the file here below so that we can talk more comfortably? I have very little time”. I did as he said.