Date: 21 Aug 2018 - Sezione: altro/

I found a blog in several languages (“Quora”) which at first seemed perfect, that is, useful and reliable. Besides, the participants seemed to be polite people, or at least they were controlled by accurate censors. Quora remains for me still the best blog I found, even if, in some language at least, I have found one or two less than polite contributors. I hope that some remedy will be found. Also, I hope that Quora will introduce some measure of arbitration, specifically where scientific matters are treated. If there are discording opinions, experts should be able to indicate to the reader who is right.
In the meantime it is my purpose to separately post some of my answers, especially those which require some revision, extension or graphics, which I do not know how to adapt to Quora. Especially long answers will be found in the appropriate pages of the DE.
I list here below my main contributions to Quora, English version, since mid-May 2018. I wrote so far (21 August 2018) 30 answers.