One more unsettling solution to the Fermi paradox

Date: 12 Sep 2022 - Sezione: altro/

With this short essay I continue a line of reasoning in response to the question of whether the universe we live in is a simulation. My conclusion, given in previous posts, was that the chance that we live in a simulation is about 51%. The reasoning, that our universe is comparable to a football match played on a PlayStation by two players from another superworld, can also give a plausible answer to the “Fermi Paradox”, that is, “If we are not the only intelligent beings of the Universe, where is everybody else?”. The figure in the header would also (jokingly) explain a famous answer given by a super-computer, which was asked “What is the fundamental answer about life, the universe and everything?”. I’m not really serious about proposing it, but … who knows?

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