A meeting at the Mall

Date: 15 Aug 2017 - Sezione: racconti/

I discussed this story with the main author, FM. Why to write such a story in English, which, after all, is not our native language? Was itbecause he did not want it to be read by our friends (although most of them know English better than we do) and perhaps not to be read at all by American or English speakers, who have no reason to find their ways to these pages? He answered that writing the story in English gives the feeling of a foreigner more or less lost in the States, forced to think in (poor) English. He added that maybe some of his close friends would think that he would have done better by not writing this story, and above all not circulating it. Possibly. But he asked me to do it to give peace to his soul, trusting that the small number of the DE readers will remain a small number.