The Last Chapter of the Life of Medoro Sacripante

Date: 5 Mar 2018 - Sezione: racconti/

The present short story is a variation of the theme of life in Cambridge (England, of course). The curious reader, if he ever took part in one, should think of a “Society Night”, in which the members of the College Society, including dons, teachers and former teachers, students and former students, pupils and alumni, if necessary accompanied by their respective partners - in one word, whoever has paid a registration fee, as well as friends invited by the Society Members, meet, have a good dinner (with a good quality-price ratio), and excellent wines. Once the dinner is over, they “converse” in the hall, sitting around low coffee tables, while coffee is being served….and then, if this setting interest you, you may go on reading.

(The story was first written in Italian at the end of the Seventies; it was posted on this site in Italian on 24 May 2017).